DIVING Courses

Cory Trier is a member of RAID Dive Training and the International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD). He provides diving courses through both agencies. Contact Cory to sign up for any course from beginner to advanced levels including specialty courses such as invasive species harvesting.

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RAID is the world's fastest growing diver training agency with both full service and satellite regional offices, dive stores and instructors waiting to provide diver services to you across the globe. RAID is also the first diver training agency to offer a complete range of online diver academic programs from beginner to instructor examiner levels in snorkeling, scuba and freediving.


IANTD’s mission is to explore the opportunities and challenges of Recreational Diving, which includes all forms of Sport Diving, Nitrox, Advanced and Technical diving, in order to foster openness and individual responsibility, and to provide a standard of care for instruction in the diving community. IANTD and its members strive to be honest, ethical and fair in all our venues. They also believe that there are universal principles that are more absolute and try to live by them. 

Cory Trier holds the following certifications: EANx, Open Water Diver & Open Water Nitrox Diver.

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